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Is a braided synthetic absorbable suture that is made of Poly (Glycolide-co-Lactide). ECOSORB®fast has the same origin as ECOSORB® but its sterilization method differs with the use of gamma irradiation. ECOSORB®fast is known for its quick absorption and excellent knot security.



Type Absorbable Surgical Suture
Material Synthetic, Braided, Poly (Glycolide-co-Lactide)
Coating Glacomer 37 and Calcium Stearate
Color of thread Violet / Undyed
Sizes USP 6/0 to USP 2
Absorption 40~45 days. Breakdown by Hydrolysis
Tensile Strength Retention Approximately 45% remains at 7 days
0% remains at 16 days
Tensile Strength and Diameter           Conforms to USP / EP requirements
Attachment Strength Conforms to USP / EP requirements