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HYDROCYN™ aqua for Hospice Care Management
Friday 11 November 2016

Hospice care is a specialized care designed to provide support to people with advanced or terminal illness and their families. It focuses on comfort and quality of life rather than cure.

There are a few non-profit organisations that provide hospice care in Penang, one of it being Penang Hospice Home. It is a charitable home that provides free palliative home care services for cancer patients and other advanced illnesses in Penang, run by the Penang branch of the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. The home operations funded by grant and donations from family of deceased patients, individuals, organisations and foundations.

Located at 250A Jalan Air Itam, Penang Hospice Home offers Hospice at Home Programme (HHP) where a team consisting of nurses, doctors and volunteers will visit and provide care for patients at their homes. The care is focusing on patient’s quality of life by giving good control of pain and other symptoms. Many cancer patients are present with surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and wound associated with cancer. These wounds often relate with pain, exudate, bleeding and repulsive in appearance together with malodour. It does not only involve physical appearance of a patient but rather a complex integumentary of physical, emotional and personal dignity.

Aware of this distressing problems, Vigilenz has paid a visit to Penang Hospice Home to share the advantage of Hydrocyn aqua, the wound management products. Hydrocyn aqua has been clinically proven to be effective not only as cleaning and debridement agent but in combating malodour as well. As cancer is a traumatic and painful experience, we believe the use of this solution will help caregivers in coping the distress during palliative care and at the same time

provide some degree in psychological benefit to cancer patients which further will improve their quality of life.

The home was supplied with package of Hydrocyn aqua products to support the beautiful deeds of Penang Hospice Home towards terminally ill patients. It is an honour for Vigilenz to be able to contribute to society through Penang Hospice Home care services.

Penang Hospice Home is located at 250A, Jalan Air Itam, 10460 Penang, Malaysia and can be contacted at +604-228 4140