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Vigilenz Medical Devices has ventured into the dental hygiene market by launching its oral hygiene care product "DENTOCYN®". 
This newly launched product is indicated to relieve and soothe throat and oral irritations, soothing and improvising one's oral health. Visit DENTOCYN® page for more details:



Vigilenz Medical Devices has launched a new product "Hydrocyn aqua Nasal Spray". This newly launched product is indicated as a nasal irrigant to decongest blocked nose. Visit Hydrocyn Aqua Nasal Spray page for more details: 


3. Bactiguard completes acquisition of Vigilenz

Bactiguard Holding AB (publ) (“Bactiguard”) has completed the acquisition of Vigilenz Medical Devices and Vigilenz Medical Supplies (together Vigilenz), which was announced on 4 February 2020.


4. HYDROCYN aqua® obtains CE mark approval (Class III) medical device that further strengthens its accreditation for safety and efficacy as an advanced wound care solution.


5. We are pleased to announce that VIGILENZ has obtained Halal certification from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) for complete range of sutures, hernia mesh and Hydrocyn aqua® - the wound wash, irrigation and debridement solution


6. Bactiguard Enters New Therapeutic Area Through License Agreement


7.  Spine & Orthopedic News


8. Innovation in Orthopedic treatment to prevent germs and infection


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